Welcome to a new season at Studio Arts!


We have completed almost a year of our teaching practice with you and your kiddos through the medium of Zoom. We have adapted our voices, adding fun warm ups and online friendly lessons to support our artist community. We love imparting this joy of art process at home we have shared with you these last few semesters. It’s been a technical challenge at times for us all, but the rewards are evident – especially reflecting back after a good long holiday break!


As working artists, the instructors at Studio Arts are smart, flexible, vibrant individuals who are here not just to impart art know how; but to inspire and engage the unique spirit of your creative young artist.


We want both safety and adventure for your tender brilliant ones in this storm of changing cultural waves. We seek to provide a gentle yet thorough process for all our artists inviting them to leave their troubles for a moment and recenter into their joy. Join us each week as we learn together how to courage something new out of familiar pencil, paper, paint and clay and fill the heart and imagination with possibilities.


In Drawing and Painting Class, we present a modified classical training method using slow observation skills. This process connects the body and mind inviting complete presence as one draws/paints an observed subject. The slower  and longer one learns to observe, the more connected the artist becomes to their whole world and self as their skills develop. They begin to notice details in everything and learn to take time to think about a problem or project, making for a rich life experience outside of any art process. Mixing up mediums and incorporating imagination keeps the fun vibe up, further integrating the student with this enriching creative process.


For those not quite ready to really slow down and take in lots of specific learning about technique and materials, we have other super fun class options.


Young Illustrator Class is for kids and teens headlong in love with their fan art and character drawing or anime. It’s for kids who want to learn body and face specific information with a dab of action and background, perspective and atmospherics, color and process thrown in. Kids can stay in their personal art space comfort bubble and make friends and share and learn from each other too. Get them ‘offline’ while staying online with us. We do some slow looking, but not quite as much.


The Art Class is a great introduction to using many art materials and focuses on fun and imagination through creating art projects. We may provide some enriching materials (like shiny stuff)with this class.


Clay classes seem to be on hold because our students are missing their time on the wheel. We are happy to offer advanced hand building skills if a class makes. Let me know.


Also check out enrichment for adults! Creating with Heart, The Artist’s Way will start this season. Drawing Class for adults and The Art Class follow our kid and teen ideas into easy and fun learning for you.


Since we are on Zoom for Spring 2021, we can work with the supplies you have at home, or you can purchase a short list we have gathered for you from Target.


Thanks for supporting Studio Arts and our instructors while we wait expectantly to return to our beloved A Frame studio classroom. I’m convinced we will continue to offer Zoom classes as we have grown to love the benefits that come from helping an artist work at home in their own studio/aka bedroom and meet people living all over the world. It’s a good thing.


We creatives need each other.

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