Many parents tell us that Studio Arts is their teen’s home away from home. Our greatest achievements at Studio Arts lie in helping teens meet lofty art goals through serious study. For 25 years our studio has supported teens as they create individualized portfolios to successfully gain admission to Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, other local high schools and first-choice colleges and art schools. Pre-Portfolio is the class for seventh through ninth graders interested in pursuing Portfolio class in June for Booker T. hopefuls. In February, we offer Post-Portfolio class for those students who want to continue on with their Portfolio tribe. Our College Portfolio class continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Barley Vogel, Studio Arts director, has created a safe space that allows art students to gather as they build relationships and continue their transformation into creative, successful, young-adult working artists.

Drawing & Painting

Are you always drawn to pick up a pencil? Hey! Don’t brush off your painting skills! Draw from still life (but really COOL still life), clothed models (sometimes the studio dog, Wyatt), and work from your imagination while learning important stuff like proportion, perspective, composition and hatching/cross hatching to add value. Supplies and model fees included.

Wheel & Hand-build Clay

Making awesome stuff from mud is nothing short of miraculous. The process is as simple as you need it to be and the challenges are very exciting. Throwing on the potter’s wheel can really get you centered. Hand building sculpture and dinnerware is a perfect meditation. You will be amazed at how quickly your skills develop. Please note that all clay must be picked up within two weeks of the class end or find your clay in the clay garden!

Young Illustrator

Do you enjoy drawing in pen and pencil? In fact, are you pretty much addicted to it? You might be headed for a career in Illustration! Take any good book as your subject matter and discover new ways to express characters/action/place/style. This class is sort of a book club for drawing geeks. We also support future advertising artists, game creators, and manga masters here. Illustration, you know!

Art School Prep and The Portfolio Class for Booker T

Pre-Portfolio, Post-Portfolio, Portfolio Class for Admission to Booker T. HSPVA, and College Portfolio Prep classes are all available.

Please visit the Art School Prep Page  for detailed information!

The Homework Class

The Homework Class is open to any student attending or about to attend Booker T. who needs studio time and support completing assignments. We provide guidance, love, an assortment of future/current classmates and critique. The Independent Study course is open to any teen from any school who needs studio time to work on independent projects in most mediums. Also good for College Portfolios! There are separate classrooms or kids can share a big room – your choice. Please email with any questions:

Work from Observation

Classical Instruction accompanies experiences in figure drawing, still life, landscape and portraiture in this multi media drawing and painting class. A great resource for making work/preparing for college portfolios as most colleges wish to see strong work from observation and very few high school programs provide useful instruction in this area.

College Portfolio Preparation for Art School

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