Our teachers guide students through carefully designed explorations of the fundamentals of art making, encouraging them to hold their innate creativity in confidence as they grow. Your child’s investigations into a wide variety of media develop creative outside-the-box problem-solving skills and nurture imagination in an inspirational, supportive atmosphere that addresses the individual needs of every student. A primary focus that sets us apart is teaching drawing from observation skills which we incorporate into every class.

Drawing & Painting

Is your child drawn to pick up a pencil? Hey! Don’t let them brush off their painting skills! Build abilities upon traditional basics. Even the youngest students can explore the challenges of figure drawing, simple perspective, composition, and expressive mark making. We believe drawing from observation is the most important tool in opening the world of art. Your child will work with a choice of professional materials such as acrylics, watercolor, pen and ink, pastels, and charcoal. Draw from still life, costumed models, and work from imagination while learning important stuff like proportion, perspective, composition, and hatching/cross hatching for value. Our still-life collection is guaranteed to surprise and inspire. They might even see Wyatt, our Studio dog! Supplies and model fees are included. This is our most requested class!

The Art Class

This is the class that put Studio Arts on the map. It’s the ideal environment for making art because it supports kids’ creativity, builds self-esteem, and rewards parents with art work created by their children that they’ll treasure forever. In this project-based class, kids use a variety of media balancing 2D and 3D to explore art techniques and traditions.

Wheel & Hand-build Clay

This class is fantastic for kids for so many reasons. Developmentally, working in clay assists hand-eye coordination. Give a kid a lump of clay and their brain slows down to allow inspiration to manifest. Our projects are designed with fun and learning in mind. Kids 9+ will have expert instruction in hand-building that will support their experience on the wheel. All materials included. Please note that all clay must be picked up within two weeks of the class end. Find your clay in the clay garden!

Young Illustrator

Do you LOVE drawing in pen and pencil? In fact, are you pretty much addicted to it? You might be headed for a career in illustration! Take any good book as your subject matter and discover new ways to express characters/action/place/style. This class is sort of a book club for drawing geeks. We also support future advertising artists, game creators, and manga masters here. Illustration, you know! We love supporting comic / manga in this class and often focus on new ways to approach a finished piece. This class really helps your digital work!

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