From the Director, Barley Vogel

Welcome to Studio Arts!

I am certain my teaching practice at Studio Arts is my primary art form as much as my spiritual practice. This calling allows me to walk alongside beauty and experience creation in each brushstroke or pen line a student places on a piece of paper. Their trust to create freely in my presence moves me immensely. Their milestones are sometimes obvious – a drawing pushes three dimensions. The space in the drawing sings with balanced color and light. What appears in the powdery mess of an artist’s exploded clay form is a gift more hidden and I bear witness to the enormous emotional growth within this delicate balance of experiences. I marvel as the group absorbs any sadness brought forth and transforms it to supported joy. We simply start another piece in clay. Mistakes equal information and growth. This is the true magic of the Studio Arts classroom.

When I make art, I find it a comforting process and a great gift to myself. My subjects have always included animals, people and the land and sky. I have worked as a photographer, portrait painter, florist, singer and even a sidewalk clown. I came in second for class president at Northwood Junior High. I won the “Most Promising Actress” award in 8th grade. I have taken more studio classes than most undergrads in my schooling process resulting in a B.A. in Art History from UNT. As an Artist-in-Residence for 10 years with Young Audiences (now Big Thought), I taught art at more than 50 area schools. I did graduate work at Christie’s Fine Arts in London. I’ve traveled extensively – the red pins in my map mark the great exhibits and museums I’ve relished.

I discovered my true love, and it’s teaching. After 30 years of showing up for my students, I can support the heck out of most any artist you put in front of me. As creative director for the studio, I can dive into an idea for a successful project for our young artists and see it from all angles – emotional, educational, technical, tasteful – and know it will work. Visit #studioartsdallas to see the latest student work or announcement.

Our projects are not “crafty” but rather aspire to impart the high classical traditions of art making we teachers all follow. I inherited an educated eye from my Dad, Donald Vogel, who was top informant to art connoisseurs for more than 50 years in this city. Valley House Gallery, my childhood home, continues that tradition for Dallas collectors with my brother and sister-in-law at the helm. I learned a lot about making art from Dad and from all the amazing artists I’ve had the privilege to call friends throughout my life. I assure you that a discerning eye is as important to an artist as any technical prowess or inventiveness they possess.

I definitely have a knack for finding exceptional teaching artists. I especially love to mentor former students of mine into great teachers.  Everyone benefits from this circle of empathic, kind teachers who are drawn to and contribute to the vibrant energy in the Studio. They are thrilled to add their particular brand of art magic to the mix.  Every single teacher at Studio Arts is a friendly, creative, hard working artist who is here to inspire confidence and share our joy of the artistic process with you.

We hope you will join us on some of the truly unique adventures Studio Arts can offer the developing artist. We join you in your artistic journey as Artists who Teach.

See you at the studio!

Studio Arts

About - Studio Arts Dallas We started 25+ years ago as the Lakewood Arts Academy and moved to Lake Highlands in 2005 to become Studio Arts Dallas.

Our focus has always been teaching the classical traditions of how to make art to ages 5 and up. Our belief is that you are never to young to receive proper classical art technique. Of course adding value to a drawing can look a bit scratchy in the early years, but with practice each drawing improves.  Just like with a musical instrument. We also teach students proper clay techniques in throwing on the wheel. Like most studios, we do not throw for them. We do not impose our marks on children’s work, rather allow them the satisfaction of their own adventure. If we demonstrate a technique, it is alongside them—not on their work. We do not ask them to copy samples. In fact, we offer a minimum of teacher samples so as not to influence their creative process. We do freely share work created by others in class—in the grand tradition of learning from the group with a carefully lead critique. Studio Arts is different from the rest and we are certain this is the very best method to encourage self reliance and support a lifelong hunger for and delight in discovery.

Our home is a beautiful, three-story A-frame, circa 1968, which formerly housed a Whataburger restaurant. We have great hill top views of clouds, trees and downtown Dallas sunsets. In the early 2000s our famous tepee/ship/pyramid housed a neighborhood church. As a matter of fact, our new pre-school room is located right where the altar used to be…close to the drive-thru window but now filled with art supplies. No fries, but plenty of paint brushes.

Studio Arts - Dallas Jessica Stewart Lendvay designed the building’s current incarnation, which earned her D-Magazine’s “Best Burger Joint Renovation” in 2006. Her work has since graced the cover of Architectural Digest magazine and continues to motivate.

Students enjoy and are inspired by the perfect glow of natural light and friendly, open-plan classrooms. Our retro modern space is filled with thought-provoking objects to draw with fine artist mediums and materials, as well as multiple wheels and vented kilns for an exceptional experience.

We designed Studio Arts to be your dream studio. Art anyone?

Our Instructors

Barley Vogel - Director

Joanna Jacobus

Krystal Read

Naomi Cabrera

Andrea Power Wichman

Katie Schuldenberg

Maddie Hanratty

Bella Vitale

Dottie Kirkenaer Hart

Maeve Smith

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