Adult classes at Studio Arts are perfect for beginning students and for the more experienced artist who desires individual guidance and relaxing studio time. Our instructors are working artists who understand that considerate, supportive instruction will help your creative spirit expand so you can rapidly gain new skills. No “killer critics” here. Just check out our studio. It is alive with the glowing energy of the children who have just finished their class. Their work is always available for viewing to inspire your grown-up soul.


Creating With Heart

Some of us are blocked creatives, dreaming of a day when expressive freedom flows from the center of our beings. Balance, connectedness, community, and self-honoring are our deepest longings. This 13-week class provides the tools you need to discover your blocks and clear them. Our circle will provide support as the awesome power of creativity transforms your path. Joanna Jacobus, psychotherapist, and Barley Vogel, visual artist and Studio Arts director, facilitate this spirit-centered class with art play and process work. Join other artists, musicians, dancers, writers, poets, and serious dreamers who wish to work “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Purchase the book for the first class and read through Chapter One. You will receive a special notebook for homework pages, and art supplies for projects. To get on our class wait list, email

Wheel and Handbuild Clay for Adults

Wheel and Hand build Clay for Adults will present engaging projects to help you enjoy exploring the art of low fire ceramics. Each week our projects will engage your senses and delight your attention.  This course encourages skill building for the beginner or intermediate artist with the outcome: new friends and pretty work to take home. Enjoy a fun and relaxing evening or morning of clay with us once a week. Cost includes kiln firing and all materials.

Drawing and Painting - Work from Observation for Adults

Learn the skills to approach any Drawing/Painting subject with confidence!  Observational art making is a remarkable way to relax and to open new connections the brain.  You will take home the skills to create freely at home with a sketchbook and more. We will start with the basics of learning to draw what you see then move into more expressive forms of drawing. Subject matter will include people, faces, still life objects and landscapes as well as non-representational ideas and concepts. Teens also welcome in this class.

All Materials Provided.

The Art Class for Adults

Just like our classes for kids and teens, The Art Class for Adults is designed for fun and success. We bring the same project based method we use to teach classical technique to our children artists for same amazing results for the grown ups. Honor your creativity and need to play while making art with other folks who want to relax and escape from big world stuff. Also a great class for working artists to get started up again, identify and work through any blocks. You will use a variety of professional artist media balancing 2D and 3D to explore classical art techniques and traditions. Clay, mixed media, drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, weaving, bookmaking, illustration ideas are some of the fun we can have. If you can keep coming each semester, you may get to try it all! We rotate projects and mediums as the classes move along through time. Obviously we cannot make all the things every semester, but just like our kid classes, we will take a few weeks on one project (one or more mediums per project) and switch it up. Such a good way to remember your passion for creativity through art. GREAT for beginners who aren’t quite sure where their art mojo lies – also great for those who like creative variety – or those stuck in one medium who wish to expand and play, in our light filled, good vibe studio.

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