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Ever tried a 30 minute painting? Tone and tint me ‘impressed’. Good first try, Jacquie! #studioartsdallas #theportfolioclass ...

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Testimonial from a brand new family to our brand new Virtual Summer Art Program. Pleased to receive such great feedback from a busy Mom who works for a school district in HR. ❤️ Gearing up for our first offerings of virtual Fall Classes at Studio Arts ❤️ #studioartsdallas ...

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Our teaching assistant was asked to set up for figure drawing in her home. What a surprise to find how PERFECT her setup was!!! Great work, kid! We are such a great team here - mastering any aspect of virtual connection in teaching art (so far)!! Loving these new challenges. Feeling much gratitude to my impeccable team as we enter our very first VIRTUAL Portfolio Class. #studioartsdallas #theportfolioclass ...

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The Portfolio Class collage eye studies from class today. #studioartsdallas #theportfolioclass ...

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