Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at Studio Arts Dallas (formerly the Lakewood Arts Academy) is to promote curiosity and support passion in every child and adult. Since 1992, our art classes for children have introduced hundreds to a deeper understanding of themselves through the art process. Our teachers guide students through carefully designed explorations of the fundamentals of art making, encouraging them to hold their innate creativity in confidence as they grow. Your child's investigations into a wide variety of media develop creative outside-the-box problem-solving skills and nurture imagination in an inspirational, supportive atmosphere that addresses the individual needs of every student. We are pleased to welcome you and your family.

Barley Vogel - Studio Arts Director

Barley Vogel

fter considerable thought, I am certain my teaching practice at Studio Arts is my primary art form as much as it is my spiritual practice. This calling allows me to walk in beauty and experience creation in each brushstroke or pen line a student places on a piece of paper. Their trust to create freely in my presence moves me immensely. Their milestones are sometimes obvious - a drawing pushes three dimensions and the space it occupies sings with balanced color and light. Less obvious is the gift hidden in the powdery mess of an exploded clay form...and I bear witness to the artist's enormous emotional growth within this delicate balance of experiences and the group absorb any sadness brought forth and transforms it to supported joy. This is the beauty of the Studio Arts classroom.

When I make art, it is a process and a gift for myself. I have shown my work and sold it. It is in some collections I am rather proud to be in. I have worked as a photographer, portrait painter, florist, singer, and even a side-walk clown. I came in second for class president at Northwood Junior High. I won the 'Most Promising Actress' award in 8th grade. I have a BA in Art History from UNT. I did graduate work at Christie's London. I have taken more studio classes than most undergrads in my schooling process.

I was an Artist in Residence for 10 years with Young Audiences, now Big Thought. I visited over 50 area schools teaching art, and for a year or so, acted in a play called 'Share the World'. Surprise...I played an artist! This 'life in the trenches' yielded a superb education and honed my empathic teaching skills. It also left me with a taste of the life of a rock star. I had kids asking for my autograph! Crazy times.

Now, I hold my art process a bit more private. I still make lots of art at 'work' and at home. I just don't have a gallery, nor any desire for one. From 360 degrees, I understand the artist's pyche. I have found my true art work; teaching. I can support the heck out of most any art student you put in front of me. And I love it.


Grateful that my skills have combined - the entire scope of my life experience actually - I can dive into an idea for a successful project for your kids and see it from all angles (emotional, educational, technical, tasteful) and know it will be good.

At Studio Arts, we are committed to presenting projects that are not 'krafty' but rather impart the traditions we follow. My inheritance and the treasure I gladly accept as youngest child of painter/gallerist Donald Vogel, is my exceptional eye for art. Dad was top informant to art connoisseurs for over 50 years in this city. Valley House Gallery, my childhood home, continues that tradition for Dallas Collectors - I am certain that 'good taste' is as important to an artist as any technical prowess or inventiveness they possess.

Another talent I am proud to posses is a knack for collecting other artists who teach with similar gifts and passions to connect with all the varied ages of students we serve. Everyone benefits from the circle of teachers who are drawn to the vibrant energy in the Studio and are willing to tap it and sprinkle it over our precious students in just the right amounts at the appropriate moments. Every single teacher at Studio Arts is a friendly, creative individual who fully shares my vision and commitment to inspired excellence for our students.

Photo of Bucks and BV
by SL Burnett.

Dad also gifted me the down payment for our beautiful 1968 vintage Whataburger A-Frame Studio home. Our renovation architect, Jessica Stewart Lendvay, made the cover of Architectural Digest in January 2010! She has created a stunning space for the creative spirits to flourish. She also won 'best burger joint renovation' in D Magazine in 2008. Designing this dream space with her was truly a highlight for me.

The most important part of my teaching practice at the Studio is to assist kids in preparing a Portfolio to go to Arts Magnet High School. There is no way to explain in a sentence what transformations occur during this process I co-teach with Jim Hastings, but it is the most excellent magic. To witness strength, self confidence and joy enter a 14 year old through their gifts as an artist and watch them HOLD those gifts as they pass into a safe and loving High School Experience, is moving and amazing, every time.

Another teaching position I enjoy is when Joanna Jacobus and I teach Creating with Heart together. We facilitate students who wish to expand their creativity and commit to an artistic practice. I am humbled by the miracles I see when the art process allows one a deep personal experience of connection to Spirit, and connection to themselves. It is great to see a grown up person shining like a child.

Photo of Bird the horse,
and my student, Lily, by
Dana Turner.

My husband of 20+ years, Bucks Burnett, is also involved with the operations of the school. His 30-year history of creative projects involving art, writing and music add a complimentary perspective and contribution. We do not have children, but enjoy the companionship of several furred and feathered creatures who make regular visits to the school as models. The kids are so very excited when they get a chance to meet (and paint!) my horse or our gentle giant German Shepherd, Andy. You can see this for yourself in our Gallery section.


We hope you enjoy the truly unique experience our Studio can offer. We are committed to our practice as Artists who Teach. It's in the air. You can feel the vibe and see the results. We are here for you and your young artist to take a class where we promote curiosity and support passion.

See you at the studio!

Our Instructors

Jim Hastings • Karen Parrish • Andrea Power Wichman • Naomi Cabrera • Joanna Jacobus •Tina Wolf • Kaila Parrish• Kendall Bradley • Haley Hill • Barley Vogel, Studio Arts Director