The Portfolio Series

We are Experts in High School and College Portfolio Preparation

Our High School and College Portfolio Classes continue to garner results. Barley Vogel, Studio Arts Director, has created a safe space that allows art students to gather, build relationships and continue their transformation into creative, successful, young adult working artists.

For twenty five years, our studio has supported teens in creating individualized portfolios that help students successfully gain admission to Booker T Washington HSPVA, other local high schools and first choice colleges.

Pre Portfolio Class

Starts every Spring semester and continues twice a week until summer when The Portfolio Class begins. This class helps us all determine if charting a course for Booker T. is a wise investment for your family. Kids learn to make art on demand and finish it on a deadline. Thus, making homework becomes one of the primary determining factors after showing an interest in receiving instruction and participating in critique. We highly advise making this a priority in achieving your goal to attend Booker T. and as pre-requisite to The Portfolio Class. We accept students 7th grade and up in this class.

The Portfolio Class

Begins in early June and continues through Booker T. auditions - typically late January or early February. The Portfolio Class offers a completely unique opportunity to young artists who wish to audition for admission to Booker T.  Over the past 25 years, we have coached more than 400 students who landed one of the few coveted spots in the Visual Arts cluster at Booker T. If a student does well at Booker T., they will find many opportunities for scholarship to the great Art Colleges and Universities in this country and abroad.

We have come to understand The Portfolio Class as one of the most important offerings in our teaching practice. This class provides a private tutorial experience in a classroom setting. Please understand that this class is only for the art student who is serious about building an audition-ready portfolio for Booker T. Our student placement success rate is fantastic, and for 25 years we are the only prep class recommended by Booker T. Every time a parent asks instructors there, “How does my child prepare a portfolio and get ready for audition?” they always say “Call Studio Arts, ASAP!”

The numbers: At Booker T. almost half the Freshman Class spaces are filled each year with Studio Arts Portfolio Class graduates. Close to 100% of in-district freshmen that complete our coursework have portfolios polished enough to enter the freshman class. It isn’t easy to become one of the forty five or so visual arts cluster Freshmen accepted. We prepare students on many levels.

We not only teach them to draw correctly, but also get them ready for the rigorous audition. A great bonus is they develop confidence in their own visual language which will allow them to excel as artists as they mature and make friends for life.

To request detailed information on this class and get on the list please contact Tina Wolf, Portfolio Class Liaison.

Call Tina Wolf- 214-566-6999.
Email Tina -

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If you are not able to attend Pre Portfolio Class, you can set up an interview to join Portfolio Class.

Plesae note; if you miss a good part of the Summer during The Portfolio Class or join us late, expect to make up this missed time with private lessons.

For a sampling of student work please visit our Instagram page, #theportfolioclass

Post Portfolio Class

Post Portfolio Class is for students who complete Portfolio Class. It is a fun way to continue to enjoy studio time with friends! Starts in February after auditions each year.

The Homework Class

The Homework Class is open to any student attending Booker T. who wants studio time and support completing assignments. Great as a resource or lab to dedicate time to support summer drawing and design homework from Booker T. Alongside your typical summer high school reading and history assignments, students are asked by Booker T. to complete some very detailed and time consuming drawings.  Some kids are great at time management and don’t need our support, but for those who do, we are here to help oversee the process as they make this “first impression” homework. We can also help with the very important start to these drawings. This doesn’t mean all the work will get finished in class! It will be a good 30-40 hours of work. We can offer you up to 16 hours of solid support - especially if you come twice a week (sign up for 2 class sessions). It’s also a great way to continue bonding with studio friends.

College Portfolio Prep

This class is for college-bound or gallery-bound artists who desire guidance and dedicated studio time. If you need an exceptional eye to support your art process, here it is. Create portfolios worthy of college or graduate school entrance with expert critique and support from our team. Please bring current portfolio and any specifics provided by your college for entry. Private lessons and private critiques also available for extra support or if your schedule doesn't allow the class.