Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a class?
Our Registrar works for Studio Arts part time and will be happy to assist you over the telephone or via email at to answer your questions about classes and camps and art parties in a timely manner. She can help you fill out a Registration form on our Register page if you are having trouble with it. There is no one in the studio who can help you as well. Make sure you call first if signing up less than a week in advance.

Please note that all voicemails are picked up in the evenings and are returned within 24 hours.  If you need more immediate assistance, please email us.  Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. Your call is VERY important to us!

When can I drop off my tuition?
Use our very safe locked drop box, an unmarked silver slot in our brickwork to the left of the front door. The sooner we have your tuition, the easier it is for us to 'make' your class. If registering last minute, our Instructors can help you first day of class/camp.

Can I stay and watch my kid work?
No. We encourage parents to visit after class and experience the student's excitement and delight as they share their latest art work. We do not offer a waiting area for parents. Please wait outside or in your car.

Which clothes are best for making art at the studio?
It's always a good idea to have some special art clothes to wear to class - we love to get as messy as possible! Some folks like to keep an old t-shirt in the car for easy transition from school clothes. We provide smocks, but we do use Artist Quality supplies - their awesome quality tend towards permanence AND permanent stains~

When will the students bring something home?
Our projects are designed to take more than one lesson. We present lots of techniques when exploring each new medium and encourage our artists to take their time and savor this beautiful process. Most projects last 2-4 weeks and you will have something lovely for your walls when we're done!

Can my child bring a friend?
Our projects take a number of classes to complete so bringing a friend to class must be pre-arranged. If you have a friend that wishes to join the class, our policy is that if they try a day and don't like it, it' s on us. If they like it, you've got a carpool! Absolutely no drop-ins!

Can my friend sign up after the start of the semester?
Absolutely! We offer prorated continuing enrollment.

What if I'm running late?
We introduce the lesson 5 minutes after class time. If you are late, your child will miss today's techniques and critiques. Please call our emergency line and alert us if you are picking up late! (214) 827-1566. Our instructors go directly into teaching other classes after your class time, and many of them have other jobs to get to on time, so prompt pickup is essential. We levy a $1 per minute fee for the habitually late.

What if my child has special needs?
We are here to try and support any child's learning process with information you provide on the registration form to optimize their study with us. We are available for a private chat after art class or feel free to contact Barley at ( anytime you have a concern or question. It really helps our instructors if you let us know even the smallest observation about how your child is doing that day. We are pros at communicating with all sorts of learning different (LD) artists. Being an artist almost assures you have a unique learning style! It helps us enormously if you note specific learning differences/preferences which minimize confusion and guessing on our part, and allows your child more direct immediate support. Art class is where barriers come down and kids are free to make and emote - a great environment for learning.

What if my kid had a fever or vomited earlier in the day?

Then they are contagious and we beg you not to bring them until they have cleared the 24 hour fever-free mark. It's our duty to send them home if they are ill.

What about snacks?
During our Spring/Fall semesters we prefer for kids not to bring snacks and drinks into the studio for the safety of other's artwork. It is a good idea to give them a snack after school…they seem to get really hungry making art! For ALL Art CAMPS please bring a nonrefrigerated snack daily and something to drink. We do not provide bottled water. We get really hungry and thirsty making art 3 hours in a row. Due to allergies, all snacks must be peanut free.

Is it OK to pick up and drop off?
It is a great idea to use our circle driveway to drop off, but we really like to see your face when you pick up your child. Let us know when you won't be the one picking up that day, too.

When does class start?
Our teachers are busy preparing for the day's activities and will open our doors when scheduled class time begins. Our doors remain locked at all times.

Those side doors sure seem handy!
Yes, but they are reserved for staff entry. Please make sure your family uses our double-wide front door.

Can we puhleeeeze make-up a class we miss?
We assume each child will need to miss a class now and again, so we have made allowance for that in our semester fees. We are pros at modifying projects so your child won't miss out on the lesson. If the weather is to blame, or an instructor is ill, we'll contact you to organize a make-up. Otherwise, there are no makeups for missed classes.

What about bad weather days and holidays?
We follow most RISD school closings and holidays. Check our facebook page for updates on weather.

What if I missed the last day of camp and didn't pick up my artwork?
We cannot keep artwork after your child's CAMP is over unless you call 214-827-1222 to pre-arrange this service due to emergency or travel. If work is left by accident, we will attempt to call and let you know and keep it for a week or so. Keep in mind we have 100 different students each week in Summer swing through our doors! If it's clay and we didn't get everything fired - sometimes the case with this unpredictable medium - you can find it in our garden by the front door in a box with your kid's name on it for up to a couple weeks after the camp. The teacher will try to contact you when it's there ready. In case of artwork left after a Fall/Spring CLASS, you have a month to retrieve it. We hope you understand we make a LOT of art fresh daily and our art storage cup often runneth over.

Little House on the Prairie: older and younger kids in class together.
What a great stroke of luck for your child to be the oldest kid in class! Art Class isn't like a usual classroom. The oldest student in a classroom of younger students (typically not a huge age difference) gets the opportunity to escape comparison and self doubt. They get to riff off of the usually somewhat wilder and freer younger child's imagination and lack of inhibitions and remember how great it was (just last year most likely) when they weren't experiencing crushing peer pressure and could just play. Art lessons begin with play and within this kind environment enormous leaps of technical learning can occur. Our teachers teach the same techniques no matter the age group. We know what we are doing. Please don't try to sneak your younger artist into an older classroom, or insist that your advanced artist needs an older kid situation. This is NEVER a good idea for the sensitive artist soul.

We are so happy you are making art with us! Please let us know how we're doing. Remember to sign up for our e-mail newsletter and join us on facebook as it's easiest for Barley to post weather updates there. It should come in handy for a snow day or a special discount here and there.

Thanks for choosing Studio Arts...