Summer Art Camps for kids ages 6+ take artist campers on a week-long journey into the wonderment of art play with a purpose. Our artist/teachers guide students through carefully designed projects – exciting explorations in art making. Our primary goal is to keep a young artist’s innate creativity confident as they grow. Our second goal is to present solid techniques in a wide variety of materials that develop both skill and spark creative, outside-the-box problem-solving. We also aim to address the individual needs and learning style of every student. In most kid art businesses, students copy samples only to get cookie-cutter results. Never at Studio Arts! Kids will come home with several very original pieces of art each week.

Special Notes:

– Please provide a small, non-refrigerated snack and drink daily. We provide filtered tap water. Making art makes kids hungry. No peanuts, please.

–It’s fine if your artist wishes to take the same camp more than one time we can modify the projects to suit.

Please email [email protected] with any questions. Want a class? Check out our Classes section.

Wheel and Hand-build Camp

2 camps to choose from, Camp A and Camp B

Wheel and Hand-build Camps are fantastic for kids for so many reasons. Developmentally, working in clay assists hand-eye coordination. Give a kid a lump of clay and their brain synchs up to allow inspiration and focus to flourish. Our projects, a mix of instruction on the potter’s wheel and hand building, are designed with fun and learning in mind. Two camps to choose from this summer: Camp A offers different projects than Camp B so pick one or take both! If you need to double the same camp or miss a day, we can modify projects for you. If you are unable to take work home on the last day of camp, please check in the clay garden by the front door for up to one week after camp.

Draw/Paint: Reality

Is your child always drawn to picking up a pencil? Hey! Don’t let them brush off their painting skills. Campers will draw from still life (but really COOL still life), costumed models and often a special animal guest while learning important stuff like proportion, perspective, composition and hatching/cross hatching to achieve value. Campers will have fun and gain skills quickly through our well-proven methods. New Projects Every Year!

Draw/Paint: Fantasy

Why do we return again and again to this camp? Because it’s magic. Our famous Fairy/Mermaid and Dragon/Owl camps are all rolled up in one fabulous experience. Create amazing worlds through drawing and painting and a little bit of sculpture that favorite fantasy friends will feel right at home in. This camp really works out the imagination muscles. New Projects Every Year!

Spirit Animal Camp

Learn what symbols and superpowers are attributed to your favorite animals! Our multi-media projects encourage campers to investigate in depth the animals that are important to them, be they four-legged or winged, horse or hedgehog. Each of us has our own special spirit animal. Delve deep to discover the messages each spirit animal possesses. New Projects Every Year!

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