About Our Studio

Studio Arts

Our home is a beautiful 3-story A-frame, circa 1968, which formerly housed a Whataburger restaurant. In the early 2000s our famous tepee/ship/pyramid housed a neighborhood church. Our new pre-school room is located right where the altar used to be…close to the drive-thru window now filled with art supplies. No fries, but plenty of paint brushes.

Jessica Stewart designed the building's current incarnation, which earned her D-Magazine's 'Best Burger Joint Renovation' in 2006. Her work has since graced the cover of Architectural Digest magazine.

Our property is also cited in the definitive book on the A-Frame! It is called, oddly enough, The A-Frame.

We miss our favorite old place, the Lakewood Theatre, but we are pleased to have moved into this fantastic new space - the Studio Arts. Enjoy the stunning banks of natural light and art student-friendly classrooms. We have great views of clouds, trees, and downtown Dallas. We designed it to be your dream studio. We still hold Lakewood Arts Academy deep in our hearts - that will never change. We've simply changed our name to honor our new, retro-modern home. We welcome our old friends and our lovely new neighbors. We thank you all for the warm reception! Art anyone?

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